Free Weights and Arms Zone

In this zone you will find Dumbbells, Barbells, Flat Benches, Decline Benches, Preacher Curl Stations, Plate loaded straight bars, E-Z bars and various Bicep and Triceps resistance machines all supported by flat screen TV’s, music systems and air conditioning.

  • 9 adjustable barbell bench stations to perform incline, decline or flat bench exercises
  • 10 adjustable benches to work with dumbbells
  • Ivanko Rubber dumbbells ranging from 2kg to 54kg
  • Startrac Rubber dumbbells ranging from 100lb to 150lb
  • 1 Smith Machine
  • Cast Iron dumbbells ranging from 5kg to 90kg
  • Startrac set of E-Z barbells ranging from 20lb to 115lb
  • Hammer Strength straight bar set ranging from 20kg to 50kg
  • 7 plate loaded EZ & Straight Bars
  • 3 Bicep Resistance machines including Preacher, Curls and alternate curls
  • 3 Tricep Resistance machines including Seated dips and tricep extensions

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