Women only gym here in Birmingham

Our exclusive women’s gym is ready and waiting for you.

The ladies only gym in Birmingham here at Total Fitness Emporium is well equipped and separate from the mixed gym. All you need to tone up, slim down and improve your cardio conditioning.

The Cardio Zone features:

  • Cross Trainers
  • Steppers
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing Machines
  • Recumbent Bikes


Complete a circuit of this ladies only fitness room and you will soon see the results you desire start to come to fruition. Your conditioning will improve and you will find you have more energy generally, as well as a more efficient metabolism – meaning you really can earn a nice treat every now and then.

Burn the calories & improve your cardio conditioning in a fully air conditioned room, complete with state of the art individual music systems to help keep you motivated throughout your workout.

Women’s Resistance Area:

Featuring dumbells, light weights & resistance equipment from leading suppliers, the ladies only gym resistance area offers everything you need to achieve your goals. Our equipment comes from top fitness and exercise suppliers such as:

  • Life Fitness
  • Hammer Strength
  • Hoist
  • Sterling
  • Star Strength


Hit every muscle group in the women’s resistance area. Arm curls, leg curls, abdomen workouts, your entire core. As with the cardio zone, the resistance area features air conditioning and individual music systems separate from the mixed gym if you want a more private workout.

You will start to see more definition in your arms, legs and abs simply by following a basic training regimen. Your body shape will change to a more toned and slender shape and you will continue to burn excess baggage even after your training.

All ladies gym

Mix a good ratio of cardio vascular work with resistance training to see both improve quickly, helping you to achieve the goals you wish to achieve. Your body shape will change in the way you want it too and your general conditioning will be much better. You will be fitter, more slender and have more energy than ever before with a set training regimen at the ladies only gym at Total Fitness Emporium, Birmingham.

This ladies only gym in Birmingham is fully equipped to give you the best work out for whatever purpose you require. Slim down, tone up or improve conditioning in rooms just for ladies. With passionate and expert members of Total Fitness Emporium’s staff to give you advice and support throughout your workout, you know you will make the most of the ladies fitness gym.

women only gym Birmingham

You can get a free gym pass to see for yourself how Total Fitness Emporium gym and the ladies only gym in Birmingham can help you achieve what you want for your body.


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