Women Only Gyms

Women Only Gyms

Why Offer a ‘Women Only’ Gym? British society is working towards greater equality for women so are women only gyms really necessary?

Firstly we’d better deal with what we mean by a ‘Women Only’ gym. The word gym has become very overused these days covering everything from somewhere that provides a wide range of professional training equipment to a place that offers a few health & fitness classes with the odd bit of kit if you want to take your exercise a bit further. As an example check out the ‘gym’ facilities at many hotels.

In our definition a ‘women’s gym’ falls into the first of the above categories. It should have professional training equipment and be able to offer the novice or serious athlete a place where they can follow a programme to achieve their target, whatever level that is.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, why have a gym dedicated solely to ladies? Well, there are as many viewpoints on this as there are reasons to improve your health!

One commonly held view is that women feel intimidated when using serious gym equipment in the company of men (we even came across one article that suggested some feared for their life!). The jury is out on whether this intimidation stems from them not being able to reach the same level as the chaps (and feeling embarrassed as a result) or whether they just plain don’t like performing in front of a male audience.

According to some commentators, there is certainly a feeling that women appreciate the camaraderie offered by a women only gym and that there is something uplifting about training or working out in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere with like minded people.

Looking at it from the male perspective also produces a wide range of opinions if you read about it on many of the forums. Some complain that women take up space on the equipment (although they probably attend gyms less-well equipped than ours) while other say THEY feel embarrassed or put off by going though their paces in front of women.

Whatever your viewpoint, there is one sure-fire answer to the issue – provide a dedicated section where women can feel at ease in their pursuit of fitness and what they want for their body.

Which is just what we have done at the Total Fitness Emporium. Take a look at our Ladies Only Gym page to see how we provide everything you need to tone up, slim down and improve your cardio conditioning. What’s more we have a fully qualified female coach to make sure you get the best from our superb facilities.

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